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SIM Box fraud denies governments millions of dollars in taxes and also denies telcos even bigger revenue. In 2009 alone, SIM box denied Ghana government an estimated US$5.8 million in taxes per month, and at the global level it denied the telecom industry some US$150 million in 2010.

SIM box Fraud is still a serious illegal activity in many countries. To detect activities of illegal fraudsters and thus enhance revenue through the elimination of leakages, early detection of SIM Boxes is critical.

This is because, in addition to revenue loss, SIM Boxes causes network congestion, poor QoS, and spectrum management issues.

With TFISIM-BOX Detection, mobile operators can track down and eliminate SIM Boxes from the network in real-time. It utilizes an SS7/C7 data feed to collect real-time usage data for each IMSI in the network. This data is used to quickly identify offending SIMs.

SIM-Box Detection adds a new dimension to SIM Box prevention by enabling operators to take preventive actions immediately. It allows the operator to instantly terminate and disable the offending SIMs.


23 January 2015