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Curious about your product potential, scalability, and business opportunities? TFI Technologies team will research your market, target audience needs, and best strategies for product development and improvement.

Works Details:

Do you already have a product and want to breath a new life into it? TFITek team knows how to develop new strategies for your product improvement, widen your audience and reach the specific goals. Applied research is all about the investigation of a certain aspect of your product, defining your customer needs or requirements, and bringing them to action.
  • Analysis of product performance
  • Study of product aspects that need improvement
  • Product scaling strategies
  • Technological development and engineering analysis


Basic research: idea validation + market fit

Do you plan to create a new product and want to get detailed technology and business analysis? Basic research aims at defining the market need of your product or service, its value for target audience, time and resources for its implementation, and ability to scale in future.

  1. Extensive target market analysis
  2. Identifying customers pain points
  3. Competitors analysis
  4. Defining the value proposition of your product
  5. Customer development
  6. Marketing strategies
  7. Requirements specifications
  8. Allocation of time and resources
  9. Technology choice and technical scalability
  10. Prototypes design and testing


We are a refreshingly talented Technology Services company that use our unique focus on human behavior to create marketing solutions that are ingenious, insightful and remarkably effective.


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